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    Deploy non-EJB PortableRemoteObject in Jboss 3?

    Michael Coddington Newbie

      I'm investigating the possibility of migrating some standalone RMI/JRMP server apps to RMI/IIOP apps running in JBoss 3. I've had no problem converting the implementations from UnicastRemoteObject to PortableRemoteObject and they bind to the default Java ORB and tnameserv without any problems. The test client works fine too.

      But rather than using the default ORB and name service, I'd like to deploy under JB3. There's an ORB present in the "all" server, and since the server apps are now using IIOP there shouldn't be a problem binding them to the default InitialContext.

      However, I can't find any documentation for deploying this kind of application in JBoss. All RMI/IIOP information seems to relate to EJBs, which these apps are not. While they are packaged in JAR files, they extend PortableRemoteObject directly, as explained in a Sun tutorial: http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4/docs/guide/rmi-iiop/tutorial.html#5180

      Does anyone have any thoughts on this? If I can figure it out, I'd like to broadly redistribute the information because I see great value in deploying non-EJB server applications within JBoss that can run within the same context as EJBs, JMS queues, etc.