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    jboss catalina problem

    Kristof Van Cleemput Newbie

      First of all I'm not sure this is a good spot for posting this but because I still consider myself as a beginner so

      We use jboss 3.0 with catalina 4.03
      When deploying we use a earfile containing a war, jar and application.xml

      The strange thing is that the first time we start the server everything works.
      If we delete the catalina\works dir for the application before restarting the jboss it also works.

      But when you restart the jboss without removing the works dir we get an java.lang.linkageerror loader constraints violated when linking on one of our class files.

      We checked the jar and war for this file and it contained exactly the same class file.

      We then tried it on the jboss2.4.4 with catalina and it works. Also when we adjust the ear for working on a seperate jboss 2.4.4 and catalina 4.0.3 it als works.

      It seems the problem has something to do with the catalinaSX or the catalina with jboss.

      Is there someone who has a solution or is this a bug?