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    Type not Supported

    giridhar Newbie

      Hello all,
      I have a class called Infostation that implements a
      > standard MBean, InfostationMBean.it exposes two read
      > only attributes belonging to my classes(DeliveryService &
      > InfostationInfo).when i deploy it as a sar file, it gives the foll in
      > field in the browser(http://localhost:8082),
      > Type Not Supported:
      > [edu.rutgers.winlab.infoapp.infostation.arapuni.DeliveryService@28305d]
      > Type Not Supported:
      > [edu.rutgers.winlab.infoapp.infostation.InfostationInfo@2ab653]
      > I am not sure what this means.I would be grateful to
      > you if you could help me reg this.

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          Fusayuki Minamoto Apprentice


          Those are not your errors.

          The html adaptor implementation, you called at port 8082, gave up showing your classes.

          The 'Type Not Supported' means that it has limited supported classes such as integer, string or other common types.

          You'd find any other 'Type Not Supported' classes if you browse MBeans installed in the server.