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    Thought I was done, more chap11 questions

    matthew Newbie

      I'm using JBoss-2.4.4_Tomncat-3.2.3 and only had to add one thing to the jboss.jcml file. Now the server is up and running but I am getting the nullPointerException when it runs the checkMail.

      [23:05:58,860,MailHandlerMDB] dispatch command=CHECK_NEW_MSGS
      [23:05:58,860,MailHandlerMDB] checkForNewMsgs, username=mhandwork
      [23:05:58,880,IMsgManagerObjectFactory] IMsgManagerObjectFactory, lookup name=imap
      [23:05:59,340,MailHandlerMDB] New msg check failure, account=MailServer = mail.3eti.com
      MailServerProtocol = imap
      MailProtocolPort = 0
      MailFolders[0] = --NULL--
      Username = mhandwork
      Password = --HIDDEN--
      EmailAddress = mhandwork@3eti.com
      CheckFrequency = 60
      INewMailAction = {smtpHost = mail.3eti.com
      forwardingAddress = mhandwork@hotmail.com
      filter = null}

      at org.jboss.chap11.mail.IMAPMsgManager.close(IMAPMsgManager.java:93)
      at org.jboss.chap11.ejb.MailHandlerMDB.checkForNewMsgs(MailHandlerMDB.java:203)
      at org.jboss.chap11.ejb.MailHandlerMDB.checkForNewMsgs(MailHandlerMDB.java:147)

      I believe I have set up the Outlook express correctly for my email, could that be the reason? Or is this problem the result of something else?