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    Problem with actionListener attribute in togglePanel

    Michael Newbie

      It seems as though the actionListener (and action) attribute of rich:toggleControl is being ignored.

      in the xhtml
      <rich:toggleControl for="taskSearchPanel" switchToState="open" value="Search for Tasks" actionListener="#{pageController.taskViewAction}"/>


      my faces-config.xml

      Controls the view state of the page

      the code in PageController.java
      public void taskViewAction(ActionEvent evt) {
      _logger.info("taskViewAction(): begin " + evt.getComponent().getId());

      If I reference my action method above using actionListener in another JSF component, say commandLink, it fires fine.

      Oh, the page works fine. The panel toggles as expected. It just seems to ignore the action/actionListener attribute.

      Anyone experience this problem?

      Any help would be appreciated!