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    Simple example for using EJBs with JBOSS 3.0. JSP and servle

    Hobaj Levente Newbie

      I have created a simple example for using EJB's with JBOSS 3.0 TOMCAT 4.0.3 bundle. I hope that it will be useful. I know how I have struggled to get my first EJB working.
      There is an EJB which has to be deployed to jboss and then you can deploy the jsp client and the servlet client. Please read the README files. I have explained the steps there.
      I have written simple script files to compile the source codes. You can use more powerful tools like ant and xdoclet but this example can be a good start for an absolute beginner in jboss.
      A huntch of using ant is given when compiling the EJB. The build.xml is the configuration file for ant. If you don't have ant you a compile the EJB files manually using javac.

      The attachment has all the code and the directory structure. You only have to do the steps described in the README files.

      Have fun and be good :)