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    tow identically beans on one Jboss

    Chris Schneider Newbie


      Following Problem.
      I have a myBean.jar(v1.0) and myWeb.war(v1.0) on my deploy folder, now this works fine and is used by a client.
      next thing is a second client wants du use the myBean.jar(v1.2 the same beans as in v1.o just improved functionality) and myWeb.war(v1.2). Now this new version should also run in the deploy folder. My question is now how can i have thoes tow jar.s in the same deploy folder with a minimum of changes. Lets say I dont want to change the JNDI name... may i just change the port of the ContextProvider? Or do I have to run tow instances of Jboss? (btw. I use Jboss2.2.2 To call the diffrent war is no problem, I just define a new uriworker in the tomcat properties.

      thx in advance for the help