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    Tomcat vrs Jetty

    Jeff Bulley Newbie

      Hello all (first post),

      I'm being allowed to eval JBoss for a large Corporation ( Has hell frozen over?:)

      I've subscribed to the docs and gone through much of them and the forums. The drill will be to get multiple Stuts-like (MVC) applications on a pair of Jboss clustered Sunboxes with a F5 BigIP in front. (Our current WebSphere configuration).

      I'm puzzled as to the choices of web containers. Tomcat is far more recognized by my peers yet it doesn't seem to be the first choice. What are the advantages/disadvantages to the differing servlet containers in regards to integration, performance, and maintenance with JBoss.

      I figure I'm stepping in to 'personal preference' territory but knowing the pro's and con's at this critcal point would be helpful.

      Thanks in advance.

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          Joel Vogt Master

          In my experience the differences are very minor. My general view is that jetty is a bit smaller and faster, but tomcat is easier to set up and use.
          It seems jboss is keen on jetty though, so if you have to invest time in one of them I would go jetty as I am guessing this is the one that will be supported best around here. (there are several really top jetty people on these forums).