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    Error starting JBoss 3 on Mac OS X

    Evan Borysko Newbie

      I seem to be getting an error when I start th e server using the "run.sh" script. It seems to start okay, but I can not reach the web management page ( localhost:8082 ). The only indication I get off an error is on the console:

      20:24:08,413 INFO [Server] JBoss (MX MicroKernel) [3.0.2 Date:200208271339] Started in 0m:56s:201ms
      20:25:16,449 INFO [jbossweb] Registered jboss.web:Jetty=0,HttpContext=0,context=/
      20:25:16,461 INFO [jbossweb] Started HttpContext[/]
      20:26:25,744 WARN [UILServerILService] IOException occured. Cannot initialize the UILServerILService.

      Also, the following port are opened when I start the server; 8080, 8083, 8090, and 8091.

      I am running Mac OS X 10.2, Java 2 1.3.1, and JBoss 3.0.2.

      Any help would be appreciate.