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    JBoss 3.0 compatibility with CMP 1.1

    dugu Newbie

      Hi, i'm learning to use JBoss. i'm currently using JBoss 3.0.1

      i know we should be using CMP 2.0 now, but i am trying some exercises from some EJB books which have examples using JBoss 2.x CMP 1.1 JAWS. My questions are these :

      Using JBoss 3, can these configurations work?

      1. using jaws.xml AND jboss.jcml
      (i cannot seem to find an example jboss.jcml so can
      i take jboss.jcml from JBoss 2.x distribution,
      modify it and put it in conf directory)?

      2. set DOCTYPE to 1.1 and use JAWS?

      3. let DOCTYPE remain at 2.0 but
      set <cmp-version> to 1.x and use JAWS?

      4. any other variations?

      Also, since standardjaws.xml is in conf directory, in CMP 2.0, will it STILL be picked up? or will it be picked by ONLY under the any of above configurations?

      I suppose standardjbosscmp-jdbc will be ignored under above configurations, correct?

      BTW, why is DOCTYPE in standardjaws.xml declared as

      <!DOCTYPE jbosscmp-jdbc PUBLIC
      "-//JBoss//DTD JBOSSCMP-JDBC 3.0//EN"

      Shouldn't it be declared like following?

      <!DOCTYPE jaws PUBLIC
      "-//JBoss//DTD JAWS 2.4//EN"

      Also, whenever i use CMP to create a bean, it is created in the database using the name in <ejb- name> instead of the <table-name> in jbosscmp-jdbc.xml. How do i make it use the name in <table-name>? Has it got to do with the versions of JBoss? Under what circumstances will this happen?

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          Adrian Brock Master

          There is an example in the JBoss3 testsuite using JAWS.

          It doesn't declare a dtd (I think 1.1 is used by default).
          You should probably declare the 1.1 dtd explicitly.

          jboss.jcml won't work with 3.0

          If you are configuring a database you should look in
          docs/examples/jca for 3.0 config.

          I can't answer the rest, I don't use JAWS.