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    distribute EJBs

    John-Luc Bakker Newbie


      I have an EJB (let's call it EJB A) that uses a lot of cycles. In order to offload a machine I thought it would make sense to put it on another. So far, so good.

      So I started another machine and had Jboss on it point to the naming server of the first machine. If I start both then the second throws an exception during startup as the LocalTransactionManager's name is already in use.

      If I ignore this exception, the first method call on the EJB A fails with the exception that the transaction is not serializable.

      This probably indicated that I have some assumptions wrong. How can I have EJBs in two processes communicate?

      Sorry for this newbie question,


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          Michel Teunissen Newbie

          What you want I guess requires a clustered Jboss config (assuming you're using Jboss 3.x). From your description it seems like you're kind of setting up a pseudo cluster without using Jboss's clustering features.

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            John-Luc Bakker Newbie


            Thanks for reacting. Well, I don't want to cluster now. I want to be in control now.

            I have a request that spends 50% of it its cycles in one bean and 50% in other beans. I'd like to put that one bean on another machine. freeing up the processor and see what the effects are when cracking up the load. I think that with using the clustering one is not in control and the systems dispatches the request handling.

            I may try clustering later.

            Any suggestions on how to do pseudo clustering then?