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    Jboss and Java versus Javascript

    william grebenik Newbie

      I hope this is the right forum for this question...

      Specifically, I have a web application project I am trying to start. During the recruitment phase, two developers stated they would prefer to use Javascript as the language for a web application delivered over the Internet to remote sites.

      They felt Java is too complex and suffers from speed issues over the Internet to remote desktops.

      I had researched out and decided on Java and Jboss as the engine.

      Now, I am trying to find a recomendation/opinion prior to starting this project. I am posting this to sincerely ask for knowledgable opinions on whether to start with Java or start with Javascript.

      Thank you.

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          Joel Vogt Master

          It all depends on what your application needs to do. If it is just static html pages with a little bit of fancy gui type work, then javascript might be all you need.
          However if you want it to actually 'do' something (I assume you do, like database access etc), then java is going to be a few billion times more useful to you.
          Having said that, you might also not need jboss unless you are going to need transactions and the other features it provides. (j2ee generally == overkill, which is what you do need in a lot of complicated cases).
          There are plenty of other solutions, but I doubt anyone would really consider javascript one of them.

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            prabhakar chaganti Apprentice

            I have used Javascript and Java for web applications. Java offers you an enterprise environment with a lot of functionality and complexity. Javascript is simple to learn, but not suited for heavy duty applications.