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    Session bean holding on to handle

    patrick Novice

      Stupid question i think

      I want to use a session bean to hold on to a entity bean

      // As a member of the session bean
      private static StylesheetChooserLocal m_stylesheetChooser = null;

      // do this in the ejbCreate

      StylesheetChooserLocalHome home = EJBUtil.getStylesheetChooserLocalHome();
      StylesheetChooserPK stylesheetChooserPK = new StylesheetChooserPK(m_publisherBinderName);
      StylesheetChooserLocal m_stylesheetChooser = home.findByPrimaryKey(stylesheetChooserPK);

      //And then use it with

      But it does not seem to work.
      Does anyone have any bright ideas