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    run.client_71a task of Workbook (by Burke, et. al.)

    Chul-Woo Choi Newbie


      This task creates an entity EJB with a specified primary key; therefore the corresponding record is inserted into the table.
      When you run the task after you've run it once already, you get ...DuplicateKeyException...as expected.

      But it seems the data is lost when JBoss is shutdown.
      If you run the same task again after having restarted JBoss, you don't get ...DuplicateKeyException...;
      i.e., the entity EJB is created with no problem as if it hadn't been created.

      How come the data is lost when JBoss is shutdown?
      How could I keep the data even when JBoss is shutdown?

      Thank you very much for your explanations in advance:)