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    JBoss jar files

    Kar Hong, Ng Newbie


      I have just managed to deploy my HelloWorld.jar sucessfully, but after only including jboss-j2ee.jar in $JBOSS_HOME/client.

      Is that the corect place to get the javax.ejb.* classes ?

      There are soo many other jar files in the client directory. Are they meant for our application development ?

      Any advice appreciated.
      Thanks you.

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          Greg Turner Apprentice

          Don't know why you had to include jboss-j2ee.jar in /client because it should have already been there. And yes, all the jars in /client are meant for applications that do not run in the same JVM as JBoss. I suggest you do what I did. Write yourself a simple program with main in which you can pass a directory path and a fully qualified class name. Then the program can be written to search for your class from all jar files in the directory, as well as sub directories. Then you can use this program to only include whats needed in your class path.