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    is jboss modular?

    keith Newbie

      I'm working on an application that is essentially a j2ee web application that probably won't use ejb, and in many cases may be more used as a desktop application. I want to be able to distribute a war file that could be plugged into any container, but i also need to be able to distribute a smallish (<5mb preferably) package that contains everything needed to run it. I would like to use jetty as the servlet container, and jbossmq for a jms service, but i really don't need a lot of the other capabilities that jboss offers. is it possible to configure a minimal set of components that includes only the aspects I require, or do i have to use all of it?

      i have the jboss 3.03 documentation pdf, so if someone can give me a definitive answer and point me in the right direction that would be great!