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    How to define a finder while using XDoclet

    Petr MRAZ Newbie

      Hi JBOSS guys!

      Im trying to define my finder in my CMP EB. Here is part of source in my CMP EB:

      * @ejb:finder
      * signature="Collection findByText(java.lang.String text)"
      * query="SELECT OBJECT(t) FROM ebcounter t WHERE t.text like '%?1%'"
      * transaction-type="Required"

      While deploying this bean JBOSS write this error:
      12:33:38,609 ERROR [EntityContainer] Exception in service lifecyle operation: start
      12:33:38,609 ERROR [STDERR] org.jboss.ejb.plugins.cmp.ejbql.ParseException: Encountered "ebcounter" at line 1, column 23.
      Was expecting one of:
      "IN" ...


      I think this would be a trivial error. Please help.