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    JBoss, JTA and distributed Txns

    Vincent OSullivan Newbie

      Hi Folks,
      I am doing a proof of concept implementation to demonstrate the capability of JBoss to support distributed transactions. To this end, I will need to have a client on one node (and running on its own JBoss instance) to initiate a transaction that interacts with transactional objects running on independent and remote JBoss servers (i.e. a single client object that interacts with two other transactional objects that each run on their own JBoss instance on independent remote nodes).
      As I understand it from the documentation, JBoss does not provide out of the box support for such a capability. The Transactional Manger that comes with the 3.0 release will not propagate a transactional context across JVM instances.
      My question then is this:
      Has anyone out there attempted something similar? Where can I get some documentation on the subject? (I have the for fee documentation but it is fairly light on the subject).

      Any advice greatly welcomed,