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    Is Tomcat's webserver good enough?

    Jason Cunningham Newbie


      I'm working on an application that is going to need both JSPs and EJB's - no prizes for guessing that I've gone for JBoss and Tomcat. I've downloaded the JBoss 3.0.3 and Tomcat 4.1.12 bundle, and I'm progressing quite well with development.

      I'm starting to think about the configuration that the system should have once it's live. I've been told that Apache should be bought into the equation, and I've been wondering if this is entirely necessary. Tomcat's web server can be configured to run on port 80, and I'm sure development will be simpler if theres one less piece in the puzzle. However, I'm a bit worried about performance as Tomcat wasn't written primarily as a web server - Apache was.

      Basically, I could really do with some guidance from more advanced guys who have pondered this same question. I know that I could do some performance tests and figure it out myself but, as time is short, I thought I'd appeal to the JBoss Communities experience first ;o)

      Thanks to everyone that contributes to this forum - although this is my first question, the answers that have been posted to previously posed questions is invaluable.

      Many thanks for any advice you can give,


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          prabhakar chaganti Apprentice

          Tomcat is the reference implementation for the jsp and servlet specs. So new features get added pretty quickly. The new tomcat series (4.1.x) uses rewritten http connectors and jasper jsp engine. I do see significant performance improvements using it as opposed to 4.0.x especially in running jsp pages.

          You should probably also look at Jetty which is the default webserver shipped with Jboss. It seems better integrated into Jboss, and I have seen some mention in these forums about adding Apache in front of Jetty.