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    jboss3.0.0_tomcat4.0.3 startup problem

    Partha Newbie

      i have downloaded and installed the binary for the above
      version of jboss on linux 7.3. the startup script completes
      well with all the messages listed in the quickstart guide.
      however, these are my problems:

      1) i am not able to go to http://localhost:8082 - i get
      a bad URL error.

      2) i can deploy sample ejbs and test them with client code.
      all that seems to work.

      3) i am able to deploy a web application but putting the
      .war in the deploy directory, however, i cannot
      access it via a browser. i am using mozilla.

      in other words, i am not able to access anything through
      my browser. any suggestions on how i can fix this?