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    deploy a simple EJB

    jb Newbie


      I d like to test my JBoss install. I found a basic EJB on the web but when i try to deploy it i have the following errors:
      Deprecated container invoker. Change to org.jboss.ejb.plugins.jrmp.server.JRMPContainerInvoker

      Problem creating service jboss.j2ee:jndiName=interest/interest, service=EJB
      org.jboss.deployement.DeployException: There are no home interface interceptors configured.

      i m running Jboss3.0.3/Tomcat4.1.12 on redhat7.3
      and the code can be found at http://www.kevinboone.com/jboss2.html


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          Peter Doornbosch Apprentice


          I get a DNS error on http://www.kevinboone.com..., so it's a bit hard to guess what is going on, but from the error message i'd guess that you're using outdated configuration files. For simple beans, there is no need to change such settings, JBoss' default will do, so try to spot this configuration file that sets the container invoker (jboss.xml?...) and remove it from your ejb.jar.


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            jb Newbie

            Anyway i found another example that is working correctly. Well not exactly. I can deploy the jar but there is a problem with the client, with the jndi thing.
            Does anyone have a really basic EJB example (Hello world like) working on JBoss. I cant find one really simple and thats is working correctly on google :/


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              Peter Doornbosch Apprentice


              By the way, i checked out the kevinboone thing and the problem is what i thought it would be: the container configuration is specified in the jboss.xml. This is not necessary, remove anything in the jboss.xml after </enterprise-beans> (except for the end tag of course ;-))