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    Standard File Extensions?

    Siegfried Heintze Newbie

      I've been studying some of the JBoss examples. The template example in the quickstart document puts the class files in a ejb-test.jar which contains only class files and ejb-jar.xml, jaws.xml, jboss.xml, jbosscmp-jdbc.xml.

      And then there is a second file called web-client.war which contains the class files (again), and the WEB-INF directory with the web.xml file.

      Hmm... When I use the deploy_tool in the reference implementation I get a single ear file that contains a war file and a META-INF/application.xml and the war file contains the class file and the WEB.XML file. I thought this was not only standard, but the only way to do it. I'm obviously wrong in the case of JBOSS.

      So what is going on? Is the JBoss example non-standard? Or is this just a convention that Andy (the author of the template example) decided not to follow.