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    error deploying sar on 3.03

    Jason Boorn Newbie

      I have a jar that deploys fine, but when I repackage with the proper jboss-service.xml file in it (I think) and rename to a sar, it doesn't do anything. The server says:

      "Starting deployment of package" . . .

      and then that's it - no error, no logging. I have debug code in the service thats starting up so that it tells me when its started, but its not sending that stuff to the log either.

      Problem is that the jar I have contains a service that I want to start when the jar is deployed, and afaik this is the only way to do it.

      If theres another way I'm open, but shouldn't jboss be throwing me something if its not even deploying the beans that are in the sar?

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          Jason Boorn Newbie

          never mind. this is because the 3.0 version uses the new log4J module (1.2). but it brings up another point - I've noticed its possible to get versioning errors with the xdoclet module as well. is there a place where you have a list of the libraries (and versions) that are required for building with jboss?