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    Deployment speed

    Earl Clark Newbie

      Trying to find a way to move only those changes to the app server without having to go through the war/ear deployment.

      Currently, I use ant which is a great tool, and eases deployment greatly. However, we still have to go through the update war, build ear, undeploy old ear, deploy new ear. This is slow! Can take several minutes depending on the box config, size of ear, etc.

      What I'm looking for is to be able to copy just the changed file(s), NOT to have to go through the entire rebuild for the application.

      Seems like this is a basic request. Need for Developers to quickly make a change and be able to see the results.

      Any assistance, guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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          Greg Turner Apprentice

          You can replace your ear file by an expanded directories. That is, replace Foo.ear by a directory called Foo.ear. If you have a jar file within that called Foo.war, then just make a directory n Foo.ear called Foo.war. Etc. I seem to remember that there was a problem with JBoss being able to redeploy from this. Try it and find out.