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    JBoss shutdown on IBM iSeries

    Marty Urbanek Newbie

      Is there any way to do a controlled shutdown of JBoss App Server besides Ctrl-C or "kill"?

      I am trying to run JBoss on an IBM iSeries computer (AS/400) and JBoss works but it won't shutdown properly. After the SIGKILL is issued, basically it terminates immediately without any cleanup because the shutdown hooks do not get executed.

      I had IBM investigate this, thinking it was some JVM or java implementation issue. They ultimately said it is not. Their explanation is that the JBoss shutdown is being done via methods that are documented (by Sun) to not work in some cases, this being one of those cases. This response is documented in IBM APAR MA26382

      I still need to run JBoss on iSeries and am in search of an alternative way to send it a shutdown signal, perhaps via some API or operator interface.