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    InitialContext error

    Jim Bedenbaugh Newbie

      I am just learning EJB and JBoss.

      I have written and deployed a simple bean. I confirmed this by checking in the log.

      However, I cannot get my client to call the bean methods because I can't get an InitialContext. I have created a jndi.properties file and put it in the classpath of the bean and client, but I still get an error.

      I have read through most of this forum and searched through bunch of documentation - I don't see what is wrong.

      What's wrong?

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          patrick Novice

          Try this

          Hashtable environment = new Hashtable();

          InitialContext initial = new InitialContext(environment);

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            Jim Bedenbaugh Newbie

            Thanks for the response. I'll try this to see if it works.

            I was wondering though, why I can't read these properties from the jndi.properties file? I already have all these properties specified in that file - any ideas?