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    jboss 3.03 DefaultDS and CMP restart - simple question

    Jason Boorn Newbie

      I'm sure theres a simple answer to this, but I've tried the suggestions posted here and nothing seems to work.

      I have a *-service.xml file that starts up a service, and contains a JAR on the classpath (the actual JAR file is in a separate directory so it doesn't get loaded too early). That JAR has some CMP beans in it. Everything else is default deployment of jboss-3.03 (Hypersonic, DefaultDS, etc . . .)

      When I add the service.xml file to deploy AFTER the server has started, everything runs great. But when I restart, it can't find the DefaultDS because the DefaultDS is not bound before the JAR gets called up.

      I tried , but I think the server still loads the JAR that's in the classpath tag. I tried innumerable variations on the prefix deployment system (numbering several of the files I thought were necessary appropriately), to no avail.

      Because I'm using the default installation of Jboss (with DefaultDS, Hypersonic, etc . . .), I suspect there's a simple way to get this working. I have tried most of the things posted here but it still wants to start up the JAR before the DefaultDS is bound.

      Is there a simple answer to this?