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    Accessing web service from EJB

    Lars Newbie


      I've got a small design problem:

      I've got a few EJBs that must communicate with a web service on a separate machine. As I understand, calling web services directly from a session bean is not possible/permitted under the EJB 2.0 spec?

      If so, how would I access the web service in a correct way? Write a mbean which will act as a "proxy" to the web service, and let the ejbs use the mbean?

      If so, how do I access the mbean from the ejb?

      I've bought the jboss doc. and read the chapter on JMX, but I can't see how I could implement the communcation with the web services in a mbean, and how the ejbs can use the mbean to make the calls on their behalf and return the results.

      All help or pointers appreciated!