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    Distributing a client question...


      Say I want to create a client app that uses EJBs on a server somewhere.

      Now it seems like the client really only needs the interfaces (remote and home) to the ejb, not the whole ejb jar file. How do people commonly distribute their clients? I don't want to send the entire ejb jar file with the client, because I want to keep the business logic private from the client.


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          Generally I make an ejb-client.jar which as you mentioned has the remote and home interfaces so it can call the server.
          As for the jboss client jars, it will always depend on what you use. You don't need all the jars in there, best to just add them as you need them (ie they show up in an exception). If you use jboss specific stuff then you will have a problem,otherwise you should be pretty portable.

          Another option might be java webstart so you can keep all your jars and such centrally and keep clients updated.