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    How to XSLT? Where did my XSL file go?

    Siegfried Heintze Newbie

      Cactus seems to work with JBoss. However, it sends XML to the browser making it a prime candidate for XSLT. Indeed, one can specify the XSL file as a GET parameter on the URL when using only TOMCAT.

      (1) When using the TOMCAT/JBoss Bundle, do I have to used the EJB deployment? Cannot I just my XML and XSL files to the WebApps directory where are the samples are (which seemed to have been removed when it gets bundled with JBoss).

      (2) I tried putting the XSL file in every directory of the ear and war files hoping I Cactus would be able to find it. No luck. What does JBoss do when it unpacks an ear file? Apparently it does not keep a copy of the contents of the ear and war files because I used find "." -name "*.xsl" and could not find my xsl file I put in the ear and war files any where in the JBoss directory! Where did it go?