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    Styling the <rich:calendar without skins

    Richard Fanning Newbie


      First off thanks very much for the 3.1.0 release. I look forward to getting stuck into the few features. Great work.

      I am having some difficulty adding custom styles to my richfaces calendar component. Having read the user guide pdf i realise that there is two ways to style the calendar.

      1. Skin Parameters using a custom skin
      2. Using custom style classes and the <rich:calendar style attribute

      I wish to use the second method but have not had much success. Here is code fragments from my calendar.xhtml file. It does not apply the style as i expect.

       color: #FFFFFF;
      <a4j:outputPanel id="calendar" layout="block">
       <rich:calendar popup="#{calendarBean.popup}" style="rich-calendar-days">

      Am i doing something wrong? I am using RF 3.1.0 with JSF 1.2 + facelets1.1.12