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    To download an html(applet) with a  jar file from jboss

    Narendra Shikaripur Newbie

      I am trying to download an html(applet) with a
      jar file from jboss.
      I have specified the name of the jar file and the class it
      has to execute in my htm.
      But although I am able to download the htm from jboss accessing from a browser...it shows a ClassNotFoundException since the jar jas not been downloaded.
      How can I download the jar along with the htm from jboss when I access the htm from my browser? In which directory
      should I place my jar file?

      I have tried placing the jar file in various places but not successful. Please help.

      a part of the source of my html file is ...

      <PARAM NAME = CODE VALUE = "de.key.KeyApplet.class" >
      <PARAM NAME = ARCHIVE VALUE = "keyApplet.jar" >