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    JSP bug

    patrick Novice

      Probably this is a jsp bug but i'm not sure

      This is the jsp code:

      <%@ taglib uri="WEB-INF/anachron-taglib.tld" prefix="atl" %>

      TODO: For graham
      All the css and scripts are linked. So i do not know how
      we have to make this talk.

      grt Patrick

      Simple wrapper page for custom tage inboxXSL.
      All params inside the inboxXSL and the params
      passed in the url are passed through the ejb layer
      to the xslt.

      The param tag will override the url params.
      (e.g. inbox.jsp?test=hallo and there is a param
      <atl:param name="test" value="bye" />
      the value passed to the stylesheet will be bye)

      @Auhtor Patrick van Amstel
      @Date 2002 12 03

      All params set with the param tag will override
      the params passed by the url.
      <atl:param name="view" value="html"/>

      It failes on the custom tag in the sgml comments. with the following error:
      Tag parent = findAncestorWithClass(this, ParamParent.class);
      if (parent == null) {
      throw new JspException("ParamTag::doEndTag() - The param action is not " +
      "enclosed by a supported action type");

      The parent is null.

      But this is a comment as far as i know and should never be parsed as code.

      Am i correct?????