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    Log4J Conflict

    Chris Newbie

      I have a few web applications that I have been using in tomcat. They all work good there. When I move them to the jboss/deploy/default folder and name then xxx.war (for the auto load stuff to find it) jboss picks them up and starts serving them out correctly. The problem I have is EACH of the web application uses Log4J and on startup runs the log4j properties configurator to setup there OWN loggin enviroment. Again, this works find under tomat by itslef. But in jboss the loggers seem to conflict. All the lo information goes into what even the newest webapplication started up. So on startup it is in order, then if one restarts 100% of ALL logging startes going to it.

      Any ideas how I can keep my web application 100% tomcat compatible (making its own log4j instance) but also let it work correctly with jboss?