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    Where to start?!

    Michael Jonas Newbie

      ibwjb. (I'm beginning with jboss ;-)
      And I have no plan where to start. I know java, JDBC/SQL RMI and all that. I own a book on EJBs from O'Reilly, I've read it once so I've got a basic idea. I installed jboss with tomcat on my linux box. This is where I am. Completly overwhelmed by all those deplyment descriptors, ant build files etc. but with a real project in my head.

      Is there
      a) A good point to start
      b) A well documented project I can look at to understand what's going on
      c) A book I should read to get into jboss and EJBs?!

      Thousands of people went through this, so there must be a way to manage this easily...

      Thanks for your advice..