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    s goswami Newbie

      Is HTTP POST supported in JBOSS 3.0.4/4.1.12 ? If so , what needs to done ? The following is the error message I get on the client side.

      "java.io.IOException: Connection failure with 405"
      HTTP Method POST is not supported by this URL.

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          Vinay Salehithal Newbie

          how are u accessing yr servlet? one of teh reasons cd be like teh doPost() method is missing.

          Vinay Salehithal

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            s goswami Newbie

            doPost() is there. what else needs to be set ? there seems to be a whole bunch of *.xml configuration files.

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              Vinay Salehithal Newbie

              it wd help if u cd post yr servlet here, and also the htm/whatever from which its invoked.

              Vinay Salehithal

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                s goswami Newbie

                Here are the code snippets. The client is a simple Applet and the Server is a simple Servlet.

                The Applet
                smsurlcon = (HttpURLConnection) nurl.openConnection();
                smsurlcon.setRequestProperty("Content type","text/bsv");
                OutputStream os = smsurlcon.getOutputStream();
                String sout = "param="+cmd1+","+cmd2+","+cmd3;
                is = smsurlcon.getInputStream();

                //is = nurl.openStream();
                int i = 0;
                while (!(is.available()>0)&& i < 10)
                System.out.println(" waiting " + i);

                The Servlet
                public void doPost(HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response)
                throws IOException, ServletException
                System.out.println(" Entering doPost()");
                System.out.println("Content type: "+request.getContentType());
                doX(request, response);

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                  Vinay Salehithal Newbie

                  try using smsurlcon.setRequestMethod("POST");

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                    s goswami Newbie

                    tried using setting the method to "POST", which by the way does not have anything to do with the server/Tomcat .

                    The client(Applet) uses "POST" as soon as the OutputSream is opened.

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                      s goswami Newbie

                      I think , the problem is solved. There were two copies of the same Servlet classes in the JBoss jar file and the Tomcat war file. I do not always update the JBoss jar file as that requires a restart (hot deploy is broken in JBoss EJB). The Tomcat war file can be hot deployed. Unfortunately, Tomcat picks up the Servlet class from the EJB jar file rather than the Tomcat war file - I guess that is the price paid for using the same JVM. Although I think it can be corrected.

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                        Vinay Salehithal Newbie

                        Yes, I have read abt issues caused by Unified Class laoder in JBoss 3 and above. Seems the solutions lies in scoping using ear files and jboss-app.xml. Haven't tried it though.