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    Disappearing images - struts and JBoss

    Rachel Andrew Newbie


      I'm trying to track down where a problem is coming from. I'm trying to build a simple application using struts, building with Ant and then deploying the ear onto JBoss. This works on my local development server which is running the JBoss 3/Tomcat package. However, when I deploy onto the shared JBoss hosting (I am hosting with Eapps) the images don't display although the struts template works and the html from the template appears.

      I deployed the example package (struts-template) from the struts distribution and this also behaved in the same way. Is this a JBoss configuration issue? The only difference between the two set ups is that locally I am accessing the pages via 8080 but on the hosting company they are running Apache.

      Thanks for any advice you might be able to offer,