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    Increasing/Decreasing Log4j priority thresholds

    Faith Ildiz Newbie

      I am using JBoss-3.2.0(beta) and seems like the settings to increase/decrease the logging levels for specific classes do not have any effect on the console logging.
      E.G. I have added the folowing sections to the log4j.xml file (tries both ways), where my default console setting is at INFO level;

      However I still see the following logging statements;
      14:10:23,717 INFO [StatelessSessionInstancePool] Starting
      14:10:23,717 INFO [StatelessSessionInstancePool] Started
      14:10:23,757 INFO [StatelessSessionInstancePool] Starting
      14:10:23,757 INFO [StatelessSessionInstancePool] Started
      I expected to see only WARN level stattements from this class. Am I missing something here?

      I am also experiencing similar results, if I tried to increase the logging level for specific classes.