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    Apache2.0.43 to communicate with JBOSS3

    murthy cvrs Newbie

      I Have sucessfully installed
      mod_jk2(ajp13 running fine ,tomcat embedded with Jboss)
      on windows 98......
      Apache on PORT:8000

      I have deployed a CMP bean in Jboss and tested it
      alone with tomcat on 8080, successfullly running.
      Jboss- tomcat url: http://localhost:8080/customer

      After I started with mod_jk2 to attach with Apache2
      I'm not able to GET THE PROPER URL to "customer bean"
      I have here the examples/jsp running fine..
      i.e, http://localhost:8000/examples/jsp

      I see this on Jboss console always

      "13:44:47,700 INFO [STDOUT] Thread[Ajp13Processor[8009][4],5,Ajp13Connector[8009]"

      But when I type http://localhost:8000/customer
      I get this "OBJECT NOT FOUND " from apache...on the browser.
      and in apache error log:
      "[Tue Nov 19 13:50:13 2002] [error] [client] File does not exist: E:/Apache/Apache2/htdocs/customer"
      I know that it is checking in the root of apache.

      How do I call the CMP bean "customer" in the
      JBoss---> server/deploy/app.ear from APACHE2

      I humbly request anyone out there to PLEASE help me out with this.
      Thanx in Advance