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    Naming/env-entry problem

    Jeff Macomber Newbie

      I am using JBoss 3.0.4 (Jetty) on Win2k with jdk1.4.1_01

      I am attempting to expose some paremeters to multiple webapps through env-entry in defaultweb.xml

      I have added the env-entry elements to the defaultweb.xml file in c:\jboss-3.0.4\server\default\deploy\jbossweb.sar\

      When I start the server there are no error messages in the logs but there are also no messages about the values being bound. When I try to retrieve the value using ctx.lookup("java:/comp/env/theName") I get a NamingException that the name is not bound.

      How do I add globally available env-entries? Is this the correct defaultweb.xml? If I add the same entries to any specific web applications web.xml then it works fine but I would prefer to have these parameters available globally since there are many web apps and there for many web.xml files to manage.

      Any help would be appreciated.