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    Porting a fully functional application from WLS 6.1 sp2 to j

    ravidwivedi Newbie

      Hi all,
      This is my first question to any of jboss forum.Please not that i want to port an application from WLS6.1 sp2 and oracle 9 to Jboss ,Kindly reply to following queries:

      1.Where I can get good documentation about Jboss covering all the topics related to installation/application deployment etc.

      2.In my application I am using EJBs conforming to EJB2.0 specification and all are CMP beans and having relation between them ,So please suggest which is the appropriate version of Jboss suitable for my application

      3.In my WLS I am using transactional datasource with driver as weblogic.jdbc.oci.xa.XADataSource ,which driver to be used for Jboss

      4.In my application I am using automatic-key-generation feature of WLS is there any similar feature available in Jboss if not then what alternative is available

      thanks in advance to all,

      with best regards

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          Juha Lindfors Master

          1. Check the documentation link on the left navigation bar. I recommend the yearly subscription model.

          2. 3.0.x

          3. The driver provided by your DB vendor or any other XA aware third party driver for your DB

          4. This is currently outside EJB CMP spec and app server/DB specific. There are some alternatives for couple of databases. Check the CMP forum for details.

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            ravidwivedi Newbie

            thanks Juha,
            I went going through that documentation and also Jboss 3.0 workbook by Bill Burke and Sacha.

            Please note that I am trying a example whose SQL script is given below

            create table bands (
            name varchar(50),
            founder varchar(50),
            startDate date,
            primary key (name, founder));

            create table recordings (
            title varchar(50),
            bandName varchar(50),
            bandFounder varchar(50),
            numberSold INTEGER,
            sales NUMBER(10, 2),
            recordingDate DATE,
            primary key (title, bandName, bandFounder),
            foreign key (bandName, bandFounder) references bands(name, founder));

            I am getting SQL Duplicate-Column Exception please suggest where I am wrong by going through the files,
            Or at present Jboss does not support composite primary keys(hope this is not the case!)

            with best regards