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    When CMR fields are CMP field also

    ravidwivedi Newbie

      Hi all,
      Please note that In my application I am having two tables A and B.
      A is having composite primary key consisting of two columns and table B refers table A.
      Table B is again having composite primary keys of 3 columns out of which 2 fields are referenced from table A.

      Now note that the these three fields of table B are CMP fileds out of which two are CMR fileds also(which are referenced from table A).

      Now when ever I am trying to deploy beans corresponding to table A and B(Tables are already created in the DB) I am getting SQL Duplicate Column exception for deployment of bean corresponding to table B, my observation is that Jboss always tries to create the column which are mapped for foreign keys and since those columns are already present for CMP mapping I am getting the duplicate key exception.

      Kindly suggest how to over come this problem,because i am working on porting a fully functional application from weblogic 6.1sp2 server to Jboss.In WLS I am not facing any problem for such conditions