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    jboss & jaas again

    JuanManuel Newbie

      Hello. Thank you mikefinn for the reference. I read it, and now I understand a little more of JAAS in JBoss.

      Only I'd like to receive more help about it. I have an example of JBoss and JAAS, with all necessary files. But it doesn't work when I run the client and I log in using the LoginContext, the CallBackHandler, etc.

      And well, sometimes, the contents of the reference is confused, maybe I don't read english very well.

      ¿How I find a reference more clear, or samples?. Thank you very much.

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          Mike Finn Apprentice

          Did you read the pay docs, or just the free stuff? I recommend the pay doc. That said....

          Please provide some more info regarding your problem, and we may be able to help.

          What is the problem you are having?
          Version of JBoss?
          What loginmodule are using? Client loginmodule does 'lazy' authentication. The subject with the supplied login&password are tied to the client thread, and aren't used until you actually attempt to access a protected resource.