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    Newbie question...

    Michael Bauer Newbie

      I am trying to wrap my brain around how a lot of this works, and of yet I haven't really found any decent books that really explain how all this J2EE works. Most focus on life-cycles and what-not, and say little or nothing about how to actually USE this, and best/worse practices.

      Anyway, I have a Entity bean called CustomerBean. CustomerBean has both a local and remote interface. CustomerBean has a few methods, one of which is a method that return a java.util.Vector containing a list of "accounts", which are represented by an Entity AccountBean.

      Now, CustomerBean will most likely be used remotely, although this hasn't been worked out 100%. My question is this. If I put the remote interfaces on CustomerBean, which returns a Vector of AccountBeans, do I need to have a remote interface on AccountBean as well? Also, since AccountBean does not directly implement the AccountBeanLocal interface, how does the poly-morphism work? Does it serialize the AccountBeanLocal, or does it send the AccountBeans themselves? If its the AccountBeanLocal, will the method calls work?

      Any help would be appreciated. Also, if anyone knows of any books that do not delve deep into the recesses of EJB Container UML diagrams and focuses more on the low-down of writting a good EJB implementation using JBoss, I would appreciate that too.