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    jnp, rmi-iiop?

    destr0 Newbie

      what's the difference between using jnp and rmi? I'm pretty new, should I be using jnp or rmi-iiop to get a hold of my ejbs?

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          Mike Finn Apprentice

          JNP is the JBoss implementation of a naming service (JNDI). In RMI-land, it serves the same purpose as the RMI registry.

          RMI-IIOP is a transport protocol for remote invocation. There is also RMI-JRMP (the 'classic' RMI transport protocol), which is actually the default transport used by JBoss. There is a straight IIOP mechanism available too, if you need CORBA (uses the Jacorb ORB).

          So, in short: you use JNP to look up your remote object, then RMI to remotely invoke methods on that object.


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            destr0 Newbie

            Hey thanks!