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    ToolBar and MenuItem render properties

    Celso _ Newbie

      I'm working with toolBar, menuItem and dropDownMenu and it's working but I can't get them to look as I want to.
      I realize when I add a menuItem to a toolBar, it's label gets centered and there's too much space at both sides. On the other hand the dropDownMenu label is almost tied to the separator and that's what I would like the menuItem label to look like.

      I've tried some css properties but none of them seemed to remove the space between the label and the itemSeparator.

      Here's a sample code...

      <rich:toolBar itemSeparator="line">
       <rich:menuItem value="Value A" action="actionA"/>
       <rich:dropDownMenu value="Value B">
       <rich:menuItem submitMode="ajax" value="Value B1" action="actionB1"/>
       <rich:menuItem value="Value C" action="actionC"/>
       <rich:menuItem value="Value D" action="actionD"/>

      And here's an image of what I'm saying...


      Anyone can help me? The only reason I'm using menuItem is that some options doesn't have sublevels to choose.