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    Stateful Session Beans

    Wayne Hannam Newbie

      I am confused........

      I am attempting to create a stateful session bean, that will maintain some information about the user during their visit to a site.

      I have the bean all programmed, it deploys great, and it appears to work great.

      The problem is that it does not maintain state from call to call, the container (or my code) seems to create a new one, instead of using the already instantiated one.

      If I store the reference to the remote interface of the bean, in the session after creating it the first time, all is good, I get the same bean each time, but this seems to me like it should be an unnecessary step, and negates the value of "stateful" session beans, why not just use a session object ?

      So, the question is, how does one properly look up, "their" instance of a running stateful session bean ?