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    Running JBoss and Tomcat in seperate VM's ?

    Gavin Everson Newbie

      Hi There,

      As a JBoss novice, I have had my PHB send me on a mission to investigate wether JBoss with Tomcat is a viable option for replacing an existing production environment. At first glances I have had to say no, on the simple premise that it appears to me as though you can only run JBoss with Tomcat (or Jetty or Resin etc) in the same VM. This is the issue that won't get past my PHB.

      So is it possible to run them in seperate VM's so that if JBoss goes down it doesn't take Tomcat with it?

      All help, wether it be links to where i can find out this info would be greatly appreciated.

      cheers :-)

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          Juha Lindfors Master

          It is possible but not recommended. You will loose tons of performance plus can't take advantage of the integrated security.

          If you worry about nodes going down, just cluster your JBoss/Tomcat nodes. We do provide clustering with Tomcat. This way you don't waste your time serializing calls between two processes and can use the integrated security manager between tomcat and JBoss. Plus you only have one server configuration to manage/maintain/test rather than fucking around with tomcat config separate from JBoss config.

          In short, your PHB is clueless. Use integrated servlet/ejb container and cluster for failover.