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    Mapping one entity bean to two DB tables--supported?

    David Hewson Newbie

      My company is investigating moving from WLS to JBOSS. I'm currently using WLS 7.0, and have in my current application several instances where I have a single entity bean that is mapped to multiple database tables, where the primary key in table A is also the primary key in the table B and there is a foreign key constraint on the key field.

      I have this working fine using WLS 7.0 and Oracle, (in the WLS DD I have a <table-map> for each table the bean relates to).

      Before I try this with JBOSS, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this kind of mapping in JBOSS, and if it is supported or there are any technical limitations on such a mapping.

      I'm going to experiment with JBOSS and try setting up in the DD two tables and mapping various bean attributes to various fields in each table.