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    JBOSS JMS queue access

    Chuck Emary Newbie

      At one point I was accessing a JBOSS JMS queue through a session bean. I then decided that it would be more efficient to access the queue directly. This is not working so...

      1. Is this theoretically possible in JBoss, or must I access the queue through a session bean or MDB?

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          Adrian Brock Master

          You'll have to post some details like what
          connection factories you are using and where
          you are now accessing the queue from.


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            Chuck Emary Newbie

            Here is a stripped version of the code:

            // called for initialization
            private void initRadiusEventQ(){

            radiusContext = new InitialContext();

            radiusQcf = (QueueConnectionFactory) radiusContext.lookup("ConnectionFactory");

            radiusConn = radiusQcf.createQueueConnection();

            radiusQueue = (Queue) radiusContext.lookup("queue/billableEvent");

            radiusSession = radiusConn.createQueueSession(false, QueueSession.AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE);

            radiusSender = radiusSession.createSender(radiusQueue);

            //called to actually send the data to Q
            private void sendRadiusUsageEvent(EventExtension usage, QueueSession session, QueueSender sender) throws JMSException {

            ObjectMessage message = session.createObjectMessage(usage);



            I am getting an authorization exception/socket timeout when I try to connect to the jboss queue. I read a number of posts that indicated that it could be a problem with different JVM versions. This is not the case. Another potential issue is the jboss server is behind a firewall, and tcpdump indicates its sending its non-routable(NAT'd) IP address. I found several posts on this problem as well, including a patch, that appears to have been integrated to jboss, but could find no documentation to support this. Search for "LOCAL_ADDR" if you're interested... So this research is the result of my original question, is what I'm trying to do even possible?

            And another question would be is the NAT'd IP address problem fixed, as I could really find no posts to indicate that it was.

            TIA for any help!!!